Why Christians Should Vote for Marriage Equality

by Brett Parris The ‘No’ campaign against marriage equality in Australia’s upcoming plebiscite is a poisoned chalice for conservative Christians. The 'No' campaigners have misunderstood what this poll is about and they have misjudged the mood of the very...

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Cultivating Joy

Last year a friend confessed to how a simple question over drinks in the pub sent him off on a tirade about the abysmal state of politics in his country. He described his animated rant as ‘throwing the toys out of the cot’ like an enraged toddler. He was surprised by...

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Marrying East and West

This week I had the privilege of staying at Saccidananda Ashram in Tamil Nadu, India – the home of one of the greatest spiritual teachers of the twentieth century. The ashram, also known as Shantivanam (meaning 'Forest of Peace'), lies on the banks of the Kaveri...

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Complexity, Psychology, Sustainability & Spirituality

How can understanding complex systems, becoming conscious of our own cognitive biases, taking a sustainability reality check and embracing spirituality all help to make your business or organisation thrive? Last month I had the opportunity to spend a couple of hours...

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The unlimited possibility of transformation

If you could sum up the purpose of life in a single word, just one, what would it be? Love? Enlightenment? Salvation? Family? Friendships? Growth? What if there was a word that drew all of these ideas together? Epektasis is an ancient Greek word that was used to...

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A new adventure

We are living through one of the defining moments, not only in human history, but the history of our planet. The decisions made in our lifetimes will echo for millennia. Many scientists say that we have entered a new geological epoch in which humans are so...

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